RSI (Remelt Scrap Ingot)

Jupiter Aluminum Corporation daily recycles large amounts of numerous scrap varieties. Alloys produced drive scrap purchases. We buy from North American sources.

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The nature of our melting and casting operations does not allow free iron, zinc, copper and silicon in the scrap we use. Vinyl or plastic coated or excessively oily materials are banned. Loose materials are acquired as needed.

RSI (Remelt Scrap Ingot)

These specifications are not only for quality, but for SAFETY reasons as well. Material NOT meeting the below conditions will be rejected.

Sows MUST be single poured.

Minimum shrinkage cavity.

Certified analysis on each sow or each heat accompanying packing list.

Each sow must be numbered corresponding to the analysis.

The individual weight of each sow will be on the packing list.

Sows must be free of moisture.

All sows must be free of flux, slag and dross.

Buttons of each must accompany each load to ensure analysis.