“We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children”


Climate Change

Climate change is a serious matter and we believe at Jupiter Aluminum that it is everyone’s job to do something. With a growing population on Earth and limited resources such as water, clean air, oil, natural gas; it is vital to adopt the proper behaviors. Re-using, recycling and re-purposing are the ways forward. The main idea is to transfer our planet to the next generations in a better condition than when we inherited it.

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Carbon Footprint

Human activity pollutes. Farming, driving cars, manufacturing products, cooking, using the A/C, making coffee, all these activities have an impact on the environment. Aluminum production also has an impact on the environment and while the world needs aluminum for cars, airplanes, foil, beverage cans, roofs, gutters or irrigation pipes, it is our duty to do what we can to mitigate our emissions.

Jupiter Aluminum’s environmental behavior revolves around 5 major axis:


Every year, we recycle more than 100,000 tons of aluminum scrap. that scrap comes from torn down houses, hurricane damage, cars, trucks, metal collected in the streets and also from our customers who generate scrap. Recycling is very good and today, 70% of the aluminum ever produced is still in use in the world thanks to recycling


The scrap bought is melted in large furnaces that can contain 150 tons each. Each furnace is equipped with emission-control systems such as large hoods that capture all the smoke generated by the melting of the scrap. This allows Jupiter to keep its emissions much lower than what the US Environmental Protection Agency requires.


Jupiter has developed its own oxy-fuel technology to further reduce its emissions. The technology consists of using pure oxygen mixed with natural gas in our furnaces. Air-separation units separate from the ambient air the oxygen, the nitrogen and the argon. The oxygen is used in the melting process, the argon in the casting process and the nitrogen in the annealing process. The technology allows Jupiter to use about 1,700 btus per kilo of aluminum produced (850 btu/ pound) which is one of the lowest consumption of natural gas in the world. Jupiter Oxygen is a corporation that commercializes the process. For more information, see www.jupiteroxygen.com


At the paint lines too, it is primordial to mitigate the emissions on a daily basis. Our paint lines in Indiana and West Virginia are equipped with a system that incinerates, at high temperatures, the emissions generated during the application and curing of the paint. Heat that is generated is re-circulated through the paint line curing ovens reducing the amount of natural gas needed to keep the curing ovens hot.


Last, but not least, respecting the environment means doing the right thing every day. Scrap is generated everyday in the aluminum production process and while we can almost recycle aluminum indefinitely, we are trying to reduce our own scrap generation. Each of Jupiter Aluminum employee focuses on mitigating the scrap generation at each step of the production process.