Who We Are

Jupiter Aluminum a group of dedicated people who every day recycles tons of aluminum scrap into coils destined to the Building and Construction, agricultural, automotive, Federal and distribution markets. 24/7, we melt aluminum scrap and produce aluminum coils. These coils are either directly sold as mill finish or painted at our paint lines before shipping to our customers. Jupiter Aluminum’s scrap content in its finished goods, melting processes and emission controls systems bring the carbon footprint to one of the lowest levels in the industry. Recycling and respecting the environment is one of the key components of our success in the market.

Jupiter Aluminum expanded its operations in Europe in 2018 with the acquisition of Grupo Baux. Established in 1995, Grupo Baux’s products are 100% scrap-based. Over time, the company has grown in the Construction market and is now the leading producer for window solutions. The company operates 3 plants in Spain and sells mill finish and painted solutions in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Oceania.
Learn more about Grupo Baux at www.baux.es.


Jupiter Aluminum was founded in 1992 by Dietrich Gross.

From its humble origins as a small aluminum mill, the company grew to become a recognized major player in its markets. Over the years, the company has constantly invested in its operations to improve its products and services to its customers. This allowed to grow dramatically the annual volume shipped while position the company among the best in class in its markets.


Foundation of Jupiter Aluminum Corporation

Acquisition of paint lines in Fairland, Indiana


Acquisition of paint lines in Beech Bottom, West Virginia

Expansion in Europe with the acquisition of Grupo Baux


Our 30th anniversary. A branding refresh